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Welcome to my website... Since the early 1980's I have been engraving and etching glass and mirror panels. I am continually fascinated with the seemingly limitless potential that this medium holds. I hope that some of my enthusiasm for this ancient art form will be passed on, and that you too can envision some exciting uses for it. I have tried to put some general and specific information on these pages for your interest, and to give you a concept of what can be accomplished with sand-etching.
Check the following links to find out more about glass etching... Each has a sample of my work to illustrate the concept involved.

Wholesale Glassware (custom etched)

Celtic Giftware (etched with celtic symbols)   New Brunswick Gifts (etched with local images)

Carved & Etched Glass Pendants (custom etched, clear or coloured)

For your Wedding
On Plates (custom commemorative plates)

Heraldry (family, corporate, ecclesiastical, civic arms, armed forces crests)
Etched Art (framed glass/mirror etchings)  

Furniture (with etched ornamentation)   Partitions (room/office dividers & accents)
Beer Tankard (etched with a name and your image - $29.95)

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Glass Etching (an introduction to the art and the medium)
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If you have an etching project that you would like to discuss, or, any thoughts about this web page contact me - I ship etchings worldwide:

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Mail - Richard Smith, 90 Gorham Rd, Glenwood, Kings Co, NB Canada E5M 2N2

Thanks for surfing by.Richard

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