Design/Etch By Richard Smith
Custom - Etched Glass Tankard
$29.95 plus $8 shipping within North America*

Custom Etched Tankard

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  • 15 ounce Glass Beer Tankard - personalized with your name (or a friend's) and a favourite logo or image.

  • The logo/image can include such things as a coat of arms, a crest from an army, navy or air force unit, a particularly appreciated quote, a company's logo, in short just about any image that will make your tankard uniquely yours, or if you are giving a gift, a VERY unique and personalized gift.

    Click on the picture to download a larger image (28K)
    View the detail that is etched.

  • *Total cost of $37.95 US includes a US-made (LIbbey Glass) glass tankard (Height= 5" / Diameter= 3"), sand etching of your name, image and shipping.
    (For international orders please add an additional $5 US for postage)

    Wholesale prices and quantity discounts

  • To order your custom etched tankard, complete the following steps, then hit the send button:

    It is unlikely that you will experience any problems responding to this form, however, I have heard that certain newer versions of Netscape have a bug that won't let them work with forms.
    If you experience any difficulties, (or if you are not using a forms capable browser) you may e-mail your response to this form to:

    Update - this form is NOT working, until I get the bug fixed, please email your 6 answers to me

    1 Choose which side you want the name etched on, by clicking on the circle:

    Right Left

    2 Choose the type style that you want the name etched in, by clicking on the circle:

    Albertus Brush HandCopper PlateFrankenstien Lucida BlackletterLucida Calligraphy
    Lucida HandwritingMarriage Script Old EnglishScript Roundhand

    Go HERE to view the different font styles

    3 Enter your name (exactly as you want it to appear on the tankard):

    Remember, that the more letters you want etched on the tankard, the smaller they will become.

    Etch the Name:

    4 Short description of the logo/image (to be etched on opposite side from the name):

    This can include such things as a coat of arms, a crest from an army, navy or air force unit, a particularly appreciated quote, your company's logo, your sport's team's emblem, in short just about any image that will make your tankard uniquely yours.

    Please supply the image, in two colour artwork (black [or single colour] and white only, not greyscale or 16+ colour).

    While every effort will be taken to etch the image supplied, I reserve the right to determine if it can be used, and to re-size it to fit the tankard (maximum etched size 2 wide by 3 high). If your choice of an image is a trademark, it is your responsibility to obtain the right to use it from the owner.

    If the image is not in two colour artwork, there could be artwork charges on it to change it to an etchable image.

    5 Your Contact Information (I do not sell or pass this information on):

    Mailing Address:  
    E-Mail Address:  

    6 Payment - select one:

    Mail cheque or money order payable to Richard Smith for $37.95 US to:

    Richard Smith, 90 Gorham Rd, Glenwood, Kings Co, NB Canada E5M 2N2
    (for orders outside N.A. total cost is $ 42.95 US)

    Please remember to include a copy of your image that you want etched on the tankard also (as in # 4 above).

    Pay via Paypal, and email me a copy of your image.

    I will email you a Paypal money request upon receipt of this form, you can pay by credit card or your Paypal account.

    I will e-mail you:

    1. When I receive your payment, and image. Prior to etching, I'll email you a photo showing the image and text printed onto paper and positioned on the glass so you can see sizing and placement, and get a better idea of what your etched mug will look like when completed.

    2. When your tankard is shipped.

    Comments (I always like hearing about how you found me):

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    Thanks for your order, I appreciate your business - I know you will appreciate your tankard.
    Your order will be sent within three weeks of receiving payment.

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    I sand-etch each tankard by using a custom made resist (stencil) for the name and another the logo/image. It is impossible to reuse this resist because it is glued on each tankard, and when it is removed from the glass, the resist is totally destroyed. The etch is created using very fine abrasive, which makes the finished etch look very much like an acid etch - it is extremely fine grained, and impossible to remove.

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