Design/Etch By Richard Smith
Etched glass partitions create an aura
of distinction and add character and elegance
to a room or office decor.

Full-Rigged Sailing Ship used as an Office Divider

  • Description of image: Panel partition of a full-rigged sailing ship is sand-etched onto the face of the glass using a hand cut resist (stencil), and backed by a royal blue fabric. It is used to separate an entrance door from one portion of an office. This is an example of a two stage etch, where the entire background was etched using a high air pressure, and coarse aggregate. Select portions of the resist were then removed, and the sails and hull of the ship were etched, using less air pressure, and finer sand (this produces a lighter etch than on the background). The support legs were designed to add strength to the glass panel, and coloured to complement the office interior. The design is based on leaded glass, with un-etched parts taking the place of the lead strips. In each corner, and centered on the ship cartouche, are depictions of a compass rose. The partition is lit with an overhead floodlight, making the panel particularly interesting at night through the adjoining window.
  • Size shown: 49" x 72" (124 x 183 cm) with floor to ceiling supports
  • Cost: Is totally dependent upon the complexity of the particular image, and what is to be included (i.e. the frame, colouring of the etch, etc.) The shown partition (etched, with frame, and royal blue backing) would cost $1200 US.

    Click on the picture to download a larger image (23K)

    A close up of the ship

  • Etched accents and partitions have varied uses and approaches:
    On clear Glass,
  • Used to give an aspect of privacy, while also managing to give a sense of spaciousness
  • As part of an office decor they can be used for door side lights etched with the company logo or a design
  • They can be sectioned into pieces to facilitate shipping, and put together into a natural wood or aluminium frame
    On clear or coloured Mirror,
  • As unique partitions between areas of an office or room etched with a company logo, design, or an adapted drawing

  • E-mail me with your ideas, and sizes. I'll quote you on the cost of supplying the etched panels alone or with a frame.

    Because of the method of sand etching glass, I must use a new resist with each etched piece. It is impossible to remove and reuse a hand cut vinyl resist, or a photoresist because the vinyl is cut in place on the glass, and the photoresist is glued onto the glass - both are ruined during removal.

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