Design/Etch By Richard Smith
How My Carved and Etched Pendants are Created

For each pendent, I start by hand-cutting two heavy rubber resists (stencils) in the shape of the pendant design. One of these resists is carefully placed on each side of a piece of glass, exactly opposite from each other.

The glass is then placed into an enclosed blasting booth, and I hold it with a metal clamp to keep my hand away from the high pressure abrasive stream. The pendant glass is then pressure sand-carved around the resist, completely through from both sides, by continuously turning and flipping the piece around while holding it in the high pressure abrasive stream. This cuts the shape and leaves the unique carved edge.

The shaped pendant then has the rubber resists removed, and is washed and dried. To etch the detail on the face, I make up a detail resist using photoresist, which I glue to the face to be etched. Off it goes again to the blasting booth, where I surface sand-etch it, using a low pressure etch.

The finished pendant is washed to remove the photoresist, the bail is attached using an instant gel adhesive, and then epoxy is placed over the pad of the bail and onto the glass to firmly hold it in place. After the epoxy has dried for a minimum 24 hours, attaching the chain or cord adds the perfect finishing touch to these unique pieces.

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